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Self Study Report (SSR),
IIQA-Thiru A. Govindasamy Government Arts College,

Thiru. A. Govindasamy Government Arts College, located in Melpakkam which is a rural area in Tindivanam, was established in the year 1969 on a mission to be at the forefront for providing higher education to the marginalised sections and uplift their standard of living by the strenuous efforts of Thiru. A. Govindasamy, the then former Agriculture Minister, Government of Tamil Nadu. It is now functioning in 31 acres of land. Since its inception, our college caters to the higher education needs for the under privileged, first-generation learners and to the downtrodden society. In every academic year, among total admitted students, 90% of students are first generation learners. Our college was started as men’s college with two undergraduate courses. Realizing the necessity and the significances of women’s education, it was converted into a co-educational institution in the year 1986. Our college was affiliated to the University of Madras since its establishment, subsequently it was re-affiliated to the newly established Thiruvalluvar University, Vellore in the year 2003. As a mark of reformation, initiated by the Higher Education Department, Government of Tamil Nadu, our college affiliation was transferred to Annamalai University, Chidambaram since 2019. Our college attained 2(f) and 12(B) statuses of UGC act 1956.

Initially our college has offered various undergraduate programmes, namely B.A., History (1970) and B.Sc., Mathematics (1970) followed by B.A., English (1972) and B.Sc., Physics (1973). Over the years, additional UG programmes such as B.Sc., Chemistry (1981) B.Com., (1984), B.Sc., Geology (1998), B.Sc., Computer Science (2005) were introduced. Considering the consistent and constant demand in higher education, B.A., Tamil (2013), B.Sc., Botany (2013), B.Sc., Statistics (2018) and B.B.A., (2018) were introduced. In parallel, 10 PG programmes were also introduced for the existing UG programmes. Out of the 10 PG departments, 7 departments were promoted as research departments leading to offer M.Phil., and Ph.D., programmes.

Thiru. A. Govindasamy Government Arts College presently offers 12 UG programmes in Shift-I & 8 UG programmes in Shift-II, 10 PG programmes, 7 M.Phil., programmes and 6 Ph.D., programmes with total student strength of 3723. Our college has sufficient basic infrastructures including classrooms, laboratory, library, DTP centre, toilets, rest room for girls, drinking water facility and other amenities along with green environment to facilitate the effective academic delivery for every programme. Our college has been awarded with Grade-I in the academic year 2016-17 by the Department of Higher Education, Government of Tamil Nadu. All teaching faculty are well qualified and dedicated. They are appointed by the Teachers Recruitment Board (TRB) of Government of Tamil Nadu.
A wide range of extracurricular and co-curricular activities are being offered. Students are having profound interest in personality development programmes such as NCC, YRC, NSS and career-oriented courses are given special attention. Besides, the college organizes guest lectures, audio-video presentations, and webcasts periodically.

We are committed to provide an optimistic, safe and motivating environment for our students to learn. Our focus is on the students who can enjoy their learning process, and encouraging them to achieve their goals through their potential and become independent life-long learners.

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